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Gut-outs, Walls, Floors, Ceilings, Fixtures, Finishes. 

Interior Demolition


Conventional wrecking of structures by manually or mechanically pulling down buildings. 


 Implosion of structures by inducing progressive collapse of a building  

Slab, wall, and coring services.  

Saw Cutting and Coring 


Precision Demolition has fostered a reputation for performing quality demolition services by providing realistic estimating, precise project management, and superior customer service.


We combine interior, selective, and wrecking demolition specialists to insure we can complete any project in today’s construction industry.

Founded in Lewisville, Texas in 1999 Precision has grown to be one of the ten largest demolition companies in the United States. With branch locations including Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio, our management team provides Civil Engineers, Business Managers, and Construction Technology Engineer’s to best accomplish the task at hand and exceed the expectations of our clients. Our field staff is composed of individuals with 30+ years in the demolition industry including, heavy equipment operators, steel workers, landscapers, crane operators, welders, carpenters and a extensive labor team composed of over 550 working individuals.


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