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Implosions require highly skilled operators using specialized     explosives in order to weaken the supports of a structure. This is so the building collapses within its own footprint and in a predetermined path.

To eliminate damage to its surroundings, months of preparation and planning takes place tensure that the structure falls inward and down, towards the base of the structure.


The implosion process is especially suited for high-rise buildings usually more than twelve stories and a variety of special structures e.g., cooling towers, nuclear reactor containment, space launch towers, smokestacks, boilers, and steel mill furnaces. Common explosives, usually various forms of dynamite and ammonium nitrate, are frequently used to blast heavy concrete and machinery foundations. Only a handful of companies are qualified in this demolition method and Precision Demolition has proven though past experience to be the company of choice. 

Interior Demolition ​

Gut- Outs, Walls, Floors, Ceilings, Fixtures, Finishes. 

Interior Demolition is a complex set of tasks involving structural dismantlement, site clearance, environmental remediation, salvage, recycling, and industrial recovery.

Since 1999, Precision Demolition has proven to be a leading provider of demolition services for commercial applications.  Our extensively trained structural demolition team allows the flow of material and waste to be disposed in a timely manner allowing our teams to engage in continual work.  This makes an efficient system of individuals to maintain their skills and stay up to date with various regulations.  No matter the circumstance, our professionals perform projects in any occupied or vacant environment, such as, office buildings, universities, pharmaceutical plants, laboratories, manufacturing facilities and hospitals. 


Conventional wrecking of structures by manually or mechanically pulling down buildings. 

Wrecking is the most widely used method of building demolition today and involves the use of various specialized mechanized equipment and tools.  These machines can operate in confined work areas and separate the building materials as they “chew” the building apart. The crusher attachment breaks the concrete and reinforcement by a hydraulic thrust, breaking the material in a controlled manner. Excavators equipped with special attachments including hydraulic breakers, shears, and concrete processors, are also the machine of choice for demolishing foundations and handling debris and scrap metals. Precision Demolition’s approach to minimizing the amount of materials going to landfills provides a reduction in contaminants in the air as well as cutting down on CO2 emissions.  Precision Demolition uses professional, well trained crews to accomplish a variety of tasks and allows our team to provide any demolition need with care and expertise. 

Saw Cutting and Coring 

Concrete wall cutting and coring creates a professional and clean cut that is challenging to accomplish. In contrast to other removal techniques, wall sawing uses low vibration, which minimizes collateral damage when removing concrete from an existing structure. With various examples of successful past projects, Precision crews use the best and brightest to achieve this labor intensive cut.  


Precision utilizes diamond core drills in order to best cut through concrete and additional material. This type of technique of concrete cutting is used in many cases such as parking lots, garages, interior floors, and walls. 

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