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Plaza Hotel - College Station

Meadowland Street

College Station, Texas

  • Implosion of 17 Story Tower -149,328 / Sq.Ft

  • Wrecking Demolition Plaza Auxiliary Buildings attached to Tower- 99, 223 / Sq.Ft    

  • Wrecking Demolition of Misc. Site Structures, 2 story wood framed apartments, 2 Story CMU and wood framed apartments, Kettle Building, Pancake House, Donut Shop, Smoke shop. All buildings are 1 or 2 stories - 79,320 / Sq.Ft

  • Demolition of Plaza Hotel Sign and Pancake House Sigs- 2 Signs

  • Demolition of all site paving, sidewalks, trees, bushes, bollards, misc. signage, concrete paving, ham paving, base, curbs and misc. flatwork. - 284,245  /Sq.Ft

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